Posted December 19, 2012 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

On to the NEXT: J.R. Smith Dumps K.Michelle

Wowzers! Remember when we told you, K. Michelle got her boo back? Well apparently NBA player J.R. Smith took it to Twitter revealed that he is SINGLE! LOL!! Just a few weeks ago the reality star said she wanted him back during an interview with HOT 97.

We guess J.R. Smith just hit it, then quit it! CRAY!

Read his tweet below:

“Thats not my girl! im SINGEL! I don’t care how u spell it! #NOWifey here. Some of y’all want ya cake an eat it too! Lol I just want the #Cake. Sorry I ain’t like most! When I’m with someone I’m with someone! When I’m not I’m not! You don’t have to like it! #ITSME”

Damn! He also revealed that the tweets from that night were because K. Michelle sent it from his phone.

“First of all she sent it from my phone!”

Here is what K. Michelle had to say:

Damn can’t I kiss a sexy man In the club without y’all marrying me off??? I’m just young and getting it! He dumps me every two weeks, damn I thought I at least had a couple days left! Guess he didn’t wanna buy me no Christmas Gift. Maybe he’ll take me back in JAN”

She also added:

“We all get mad but it’s how u react to it. If u are mad at me a phone call or text will do. Don’t show out. I don’t respect that.”