Posted December 19, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Bye Bye Sanchez! [Photo] [Video]

Fans threaten Sanchez via Twitter after five turnover MNF game

NY Jets fans are fed up! Call it a salute, call it farewell, call it what you want, but Mark Sanchez quarterback days in NY are over! Greg McElroy will (finally) be starting over Sanchez this Sunday, and his future there is mighty grim! Sanchez created five turnovers and blew the Jets last chance (to make the Playoffs) on MNF, and just been awful all season long! His contract is guaranteed through next season, so the Jets would have to burn $$$ to get rid of him, but obviously after this season he is a huge liability. Tim Tebow will be taking a back seat as well. Check out an ESPN report of Sanchez’s benching and his future, and a fan actually burning Mark Sanchez’s jersey after his MNF debacle both on video below!


Jets fan burns Sanchez’s jersey after MNF debacle: