Posted December 18, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Jets Out of the Playoffs, Lose to Titans!

Jets QB Mark Sanchez gets sacked by a Titans defender on Monday Night Football.

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Mark Sanchez was absolutely awful, threw four picks, as the NY Jets lost to the Tennessee Titans, 14-10 last night! The Jets are officially out of the playoffs with last night’s loss, as their record dropped to 6-8! Besides Titans’ RB Chris Johnson epic 94-yard TD run (longest since 2006), the Titans were shut down by the Jet’s D(efense)! In fact, the Titans kept giving the ball back to the Jets, but Sanchez kept giving it right back! Even at the end of the game with only 52 seconds left, the Jets got the ball on the 25-yard line (just outside the red zone), and Sanchez bobbled the snap, and gave the game (the season) away again! It just wasn’t meant to be for the Jets, but props to their D(efense)! The Jets definitely need a new quarterback next season, enuff of Sanchez and Tebow! Check out Chris Johnson epic 94-yard TD run on video below!