Posted December 17, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Funny

Kobe Disses Bynum’s Hair-Do Don’t [Photo]

“I don’t know what he’s doing with that perm,” Kobe Bryant saidprobasketballtalk

Kobe Bryant dissed his former teammate Andrew Bynum’s new hair-do don’t last night! The Lakers briefly reunited with Bynum (pic above) in Philly, and then took it to the Sixers, 111-98 last night! Check out Gasol’s face in the picture; he don’t even want to look at the do don’t, and Kobe looks besides himself! Kobe even dialed in with a comment on Bynum hair-do don’t (read above)! Although, Kobe may have been trying to get back at Bynum for the recent ‘ball hog’ comment, Bynum has been ‘outrageous’ with the new do! Maybe he is trying to shake his old (Lakers) image?! It has been labeled one of the most ‘outrageous’ haircuts in the NBA ever; check out an even better pic of the hair-do don’t!