Posted December 16, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NBA Tears: KG and Coach McHale Share an Emotional Embrace [Video] [Photo]

Let’s take a moment and shed a tear for Houston Rocket’s coach Kevin McHale, whose 23-year old daughter, Sasha, passed away rather suddenly on Nov. 24 from Lupus. McHale took a break from coaching on Nov. 10 to deal with his daughter’s sudden illness. Coach McHale’s embrace with Celtics’ Kevin Garnett AKA KG after the Rockets beat the Celtics (in Houston) speaks millions. McHale even broke into tears for a brief moment. McHale has received tons of support, but dealing with a situation that severe can only be wearing. Check out the video below!


McHale and KG have a lot of history. In fact, McHale drafted KG in 1995, as the VP of Basketball Operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves at the time. KG played 12 seasons with Minnesota. McHale even helped organize KG’s trade to the Celtics in 2007. McHale has a tight relationship with the Celtics; he played his entire career (1980-93) there, his #32 is retired in the raftors, and he entered the Hall of Fame in 1999.