Posted December 14, 2012 by Global Vito in ThatsEnuff

New Artist Spot Light: Sadie Hawkins- ‘Moan’ [Audio]

SADIE HAWKINS is one of the focused and is determined to revolutionize the music game. At an early age, she caught the entertainment bug by being a standout in her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina with various activities such as modeling, club promotion and starting a DVD magazine.

Since stepping into the hip hop arena, Hawkins aims to bring more to the table than your average female rapper. She credits hip hop legends Slick Rick and MC Lyte as major inspirations to create quality music and giving people music they will love and relate to. Her 2010 debut mixtape, “Who the F$%k is Sadie Hawkins” received accolades by the prestigious South Carolina Music Awards for Best New Artist and co-signs by trendsetters in South Carolina, and entertainment industry insiders. Check out her single “Moan”…