Posted December 14, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Knicks Light Up Lakers at MSG, Melo Out! [Video]

Melo, Lebron, and Kobe a lock (Lin outside chance) for the NBA All-Star GameVote NBA All-Star Game Roster (31 days left) 

The Knicks are coasting! Patrick Ewing was in the building, as the NY Knicks sent the LA Lakers packing, lighting them up, 116-107 at MSG last night! Melo scored 22 points in the first quarter (30 overall), but left the game early with a severe ankle sprain! Raymond Felton turnt out 19 points and eight dimes, and Tyson Chandler and J.R. Smith added 18 points apiece for the Knicks! Lakers coach (and former Knicks coach) Mike D’Antoni received boo’s on his return to MSG! Kobe showed up with 31 points and 10 boards, Metta World Peace had 23 points, and Dwight Howard added 20 points for the Lakers! Melo is now day-to-day, but the Knicks are still golden; first place in the Eastern Conference with a 17-5 record (9-0 home record)! Check out Melo throwing down the nasty dunk on Jordan Hill and full highlights from the game on video below!


Lakers-Knicks highlights: