Posted December 13, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Big East B-Ball Meltdown!

NBA Analyst and recent Hall of Fame inductee Chris Mullin (l.) played college ball at St. Johns during the early 1980’s.

To mark an end to an era, Seven (Catholic) schools in the Big East, non big-time football schools, are expected to break away from the conference completely after a meeting today! The schools include: St. Johns, Seton Hall, Georgetown, Providence, Villanova, Marquette, and DePaul! The Big East was established in 1979, thrived in the 80’s with (Georgetown, St. Johns, and Villanova) becoming the first trio (and only) from the same conference to make the final four in 1985. The problem came about not because of the strong basketball programs, but because schools with better football programs started to split apart for richer TV Deals! Boston College left the Big East in 2003 to began the dissolution, and NJ Rutgers left with the Scarlet Knights (L.I.) just last month! Syracuse and Pitt already joined the ACC, and Louisville and Notre Dame are on the way!