Posted December 12, 2012 by Marie-D in Style and Fashion

Evelyn Lozada Takes It All Off for PETA [Video]


Yesterday the birthday girl Evelyn Lozada, unveiled her winter themed anti-fur ad for PETA’s “Id rather go naked than wear fur”. The ‘Basketball Wives’ reality star is ready to ditch the fur!  Ev flaunts her bare curves and pledges to quit her fur wearing ways. She explains the motivation behind her decision:

“Animals are pretty much tortured for their fur. I couldn’t see the whole video because it was very, very sad. I own five dogs, I am an animal lover and it just changed my views on wearing fur. I have fur coats, I have shoes that have fur, I have scarves that have fur. I was very much into fur so for me to not wear it, I just feel like I am a voice for the animals and if I change one person’s mind on wearing fur, then I feel like I have done something.”

Check out the images below:




Check out the behind the scenes footage of Evelyn’s PETA shoot: