Posted December 10, 2012 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Katt Williams Bops Audience Member with Mic [Video]

Lawd!! Katt Williams is at it again! According to TMZ, the comedian was performing at the Paramount Theater last Friday were he spotted a member in the audience recording the show. Instead of just addressing the audience, Mr. Williams decided to take it upon himself to put a stop to it! By STRIKING the member across the head with his mic!!! Then he addressed the audience by saying this:

“It could happen to you. Record me and see what happens to you. Go home and get your raggedy pistol and bring it back. I already got mine.”

LMAO!! Kat Williams has “clearly” lost his mind!!!!!

The victim Carlos Casto-Lino has filed a lawsuit against the theater and Katt for $250,000, claiming that he had a concussion causing contusions on his head.

Watch the Kat below as he sucker-pop Casto in the head with his mic: