Posted November 30, 2012 by Chelle B in Style and Fashion

Azealia Banks Talks Fashion In ASOS Magazine: Fashion Up

Azealia Banks and ASOS joined together again as pictures have landed of her cover for the January issue of ASOS Magazine. Not only is she one of the faces of ASOS’s Christmas campaign, but she wore ASOS in her new video Atlantis and revealed her beauty secrets for the brand.

In the interview, the rap star denies she’s fashion royalty. “I would say I’m fashionable, but I’m not a fashion queen,’ she confesses. ‘I don’t really think about it too much.’ So how does she feel about the crazy world of fash? ‘I feel like it’s created this thing for me to stand on that I didn’t even intend to have as a musician, but when it’s time to make your album, you make your album.”

She also dished on how she picks her stage outfits. “I have a friend in New York who I’ll give $5,000 and she’ll come back with loads of stuff for me to try on. But the last thing I bought myself were these sparkly Miu Miu shoes that I picked up in Hawaii. Sparkly glitter shoes!”

On her album: “I’m taking a lot of risks with this record, but music is so personal. I’m nervous, I’m excited, and there’s this crazy adrenaline. I’m sleeping in the studio, I have knots in my throat and I’m so anxious, I’m a nervous wreck.”

On her skyrocketing career: “Sometimes I feel like I float in and out of different personalities. As a kid, I was a big thinker – I was always daydreaming of being rich. Its kind of weird, I feel like I’ve willed this life. I feel like I’ve done enough work and enough music and now Azealia Banks is a name. I’m not just some up and coming person. I feel I can do anything right now, with concentration, will and hard work.”

ASOS magazine is available now and the ASOS Fashion Up version is available to download through iTunes.