Posted November 28, 2012 by Marie-D in Media

Bobbi Kristina Crashes Her Camaro after Breakup from Nick Gordon [Photo]

We have just learned that Bobbi Kristina crashed her Chevy Camaro near her home in Alpharetta, GA. A 911 call was placed today at 11:46 a.m. Wednesday from a passerby reporting that a black Camaro had traveled down an embankment. This isn’t her first accident either while trying to park. SMH!


It also looks like there is no more Bobbi Kristina and Nick according to Nick’s tweet below:

@REALbkBrown and I are not engaged or dating. Just close like we have always been

Kris also had a few tweets of her own; here is what she had to say:

“Who do I trust in this world? Pfft well that’s easy beezie, #Myself, No1 will kno’s me like ME&They’d rather not take thtchance2knoME, &2me. That’s incredibly fine .. Because you’d be missing out on a #REALperson. Xxo #amryofme #onmyown #goingtomakeit #determined. ”

“I guess it’s time 4me2stop depending on anymore. It’s my time2follow what Mom&The Lord put out on this path for me. #Thankful. Mom xxo.”


We are guessing that it’s probably been a rough couple of weeks for Bobbi Kristina Brown. Someone PLEASE get this girl a driver, she does not need to be behind the wheel!