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Turntablist Tuesdays #10: DJs performing on The Arsenio Hall Show [Video]

Arsenio Hall was one of the best late night shows that represented and gave a platform to the young late 80’s and 90’s generation from Pop, Rock and especially Hip-Hop. It was also a big deal for the DJs who were DJing for the artist posted in this article to showcase their skillz, show the to world and show what they were all about on National TV.

This was especially important for the DJs because god forbid the record was scratched and it skips, there goes the performance. The DJ’s performing emphasized etiquette and made the DJ shine to perform on the highest level.


This was all skill, science & practice.

Before the Instant replay, they used DAT Machines, MPC’s or SP’s as insurance for a flawless performance at times.

Watch the all the DJ’s closely.

And now, here are some great moments in Arsenio Hall History that showcased the DJ.

Thank You Arsenio!




1989 – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince



1994 – DJ Premier & G.U.R.U. (GANGSTARR)



1992 – Pete Rock & CL Smooth



1990 – DJ Plastic Man & *Moni Love



1994 – Allah Mathematics & The Wu Tang Clan



1990 – DJ Richie Rich & 3rd Bass



1992 – DJ Hurricane & The Beastie Boys



1992 –  Ali Shaheed Muhammad & A Tribe Called Quest & Leaders of The New School



1991 – (DJ UNKNOWN) Digital Underground & Tupac (all red pants)



1992 – DJ Riz (Crooklyn Clan) & MC Serch



1989 – DJ Mr Cee (Hot 97) & Big Daddy Kane

No DJ coming from this era cannot say that they were inspired somehow watching these

DJ’s rock on such a platform which gave a in-site of what was going on in the 80’s – 90’s American Pop & Hip-Hop culture.

Never forget Semmi…

-The words of @djfatfingaznyc