Posted November 26, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Knicks-Nets Intercity Showdown Tonight!

“If we don’t get up for this game, I don’t know what game we’ll get up for,’’ said Anthony, a Brooklyn native. “It’s an intercity game, New York vs. Brooklyn. For me, going back home, going back to that borough, playing my first game over there is a very special moment for us.’’ – nypost

NY Post Preview: Knicks-Nets tonight

The Knicks-Nets Barclays opener, postponed after Hurricane Sandy, will be played 7PM EST on TNT tonight! An intercity rivalry has been renewed, as the Nets moved to Brooklyn with their new crew, and the Knicks shined up their squad (in the off-season)! The Knicks are atop of the Atlantic East division with a (9-3) record, and the Nets are right behind them with a (8-4) record! Melo can wait to play the new look Nets tonight; check out his comments above!