Posted November 23, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NFL Thanksgiving: Jets Get Pounded By the Pats!

Patriots’ QB Tom Brady holds the turkey leg up during a lopsided victory over the NY Jets on Thanksgiving Thursday.

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The NY Jets got pounded by the New England Patriots, 49-19, on NFL Thanksgiving Thursday! RG3 lifted the (Washington Red)Skins over the (Dallas) Cowboys, 38-31, with four TD passes, and the (Houston) Texans beat the (Detroit) Lions, 34-31 in OT, on a technicality! Pats’ QB Tom Brady made a turkey out of the Jets, Tebow was out with broken ribs, and the Jets firework display was even a dud! Many people even left the Jets game early to catch Black Friday specials! The Jets now have no chance at making the Playoffs with a 4-7 record! Check out Jets’ QB Mark Sanchez ridiculous fumble, RG3 to Pierre Garcon amazing grab, and the Texans-Lions controversal call on video below!

Jets’ QB Mark Sanchez ridiculous fumble off his teammate:


RG3 to Pierre Garcon amazing grab:


Texans’ Foresett gets back up and scores TD, deemed unreviewable play: