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N.J. Beaches 50 Percent Smaller After Hurricane Sandy

N.J. beaches may never be the same after the effects of the devastating Hurricane Sandy. According to recent reports, Hurricane Sandy eroded up to 50 percent of N.J. beaches, and it’s causing a debate as to whether federalfunds should be used to rebuild the N.J. beaches.

Some N.J. beaches narrowed 30 to 40 feet because of Hurricane Sandy, and one N.J. town, Mantoloking, lost 150 feet of beach, according to NBC New York. Many N.J. beaches are eroded from typical storms, but the sheer force of Hurricane Sandy made the erosion much worse than normal.

In order to repair N.J. beaches,trucks of sand are typically brought in to replace what was lost.

In N.J. towns that had recently increased the amount of sand they had on their beaches took less damage from Hurricane Sandy.

“It really, really works,” Stewart Farrell, director of Stockton College’s Coastal Research Center, told the Associated Press.

“Where there was a federal beach fill in place, there was no major damage – no homes destroyed, no sand piles in the streets.

Where there was no beach fill, water broke through the dunes.”

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