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Turntablist Tuesdays #9: DJ Joe Cooley, A West Coast Legend

DJ Joe Cooley was born at Broadway Hospital in Los Angeles, on August 15, 1965. He grew up in Compton, California, and attended Willowbrook Junior High then later Dominguez High School. After listening to Mix Master Spade at a party, Joe knew that he wanted to be a DJ.

Inspired by Jam Master Jay, he started DJ’ing in the early 80’s. He was DJ’ing parties and making mixetapes when in 1983 he joined the DJ Crew, “Invasion Force”. The crew included Joe, Cli-N-Tel, New York Nick, and Carlos (a.k.a. Doctor Love). For several years they performed at parties throughout Compton and Los Angeles.

In 1986, he was recruited by Tony G. for the Greg Mack’s KDAY Mixmaster’s Show. He spent the next year doing mixes for the Saturday Night Mixmaster Show. He was part of the Legendary Mixmaster’s team, Tony G., Jammin Gemini, M. Walk, The Amazing Artis, TreySki, Julio G., Hen Gee, Romeo, Aladdin, Battlecat and Ralph M .

In 1987, Cooley started doing shows with rapper, Rodney Oliver (a.k.a. Rodney O.). They formed a Los Angeles trio, which included Rodney O., Cooley, and “General” Jeff Page and debuted in 1987 with the hit album “Me and Joe”. They scored enough underground attention with such singles as “Everlasting Bass” and “Cooley High” to land a deal with Atlantic Records. Their label debut was “Three the Hard Way” (1990), followed by the Nasty Mix Album “Get Ready to Roll”, (1991).

DJ Joe Cooley Part #1


 DJ Joe Cooley Part #2



Joe Cooley “The King Of Scratch”. Scratchin up “Its Time” “Rock The Bells” And “Tour De’ France”!!! 1987 Contra Costa Car Show. Joe Rips It!!!!







*Same Battle but the Video’s Sound is bad, yet the second link is strictly Audio of the famous NMS Battle in NYC


In 1993, Joe and Rodney pooled their money, and independently produced “F**k New York”.


Albums after that include “Everlasting Hits” (1995),

“The Final Chapter” (1998),

“Veteran’s Day” (1999).

“”The Collection Volume 1 & 2, (2000), and “Rodney O. and Joe Cooley Presents Summer Heat”.

Joe Cooley’s dream project is to have a studio where young DJ’s can work with him and perfect their craft. This project would his way of giving back to the West Coast community he loves and would help young people to learn a skill that is both an art and a career. He is still available to work his magic with the turntables and show why he was given the title DJ Joe Cooley, the King of Scratch.

After more than 25 years in the business, Joe says,

“I am grateful to all of my fans for their support and I’m proud to be able to still create the kind of musical experience that people love.”