Posted November 15, 2012 by Chelle B in ThatsEnuff

MTV’s This Is How I Made It: Meek Mill [Video]

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In the recent segment of MTV’s This Is How I Made It, Meek Mill describes how he ended up doing time in jail at a young age. “I caught a case and had 57 charges. Young guys that get caught with a gun — they’re gonna automatically charge you up. All I did was walk outside with a gun.”

“I just [didn’t] wanna die, I [didn’t] wanna get shot or get life in jail because that’s the usual script. I ended up going about 20-something months and realized that wasn’t the place I wanted to be,” Meek Mill explained.

The MMG star revealed that after serving his sentence he was focused on making it in the rap game, “I really put my life into rapping,” he added. “They let me out on house arrest and the judge gave me permission to go to the studio, and that taught me another lesson because every day [I was] going straight to the studio for 12 hours straight and I started putting up six songs a day for three months straight — that’s what gave me my little jump start.”

Watch the full episode above.