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Turntablist Tuesdays #8: DJ Swamp, The Evolution of a 1200 Monster [Video]

When Rock and Turntablism comes together in an extreme,

DJ Swamp is that dude who brings that heat, literally…..

The world was shocked in the 1995-96 DMC USA Eastcoast Finals when he won and

shouted out his rapper AIDS from 7th Plauge.

That buzz was phenomenal.

After that, the madness continued in San Francisco when he beat the USA’s best; DJ Babu, Mista Sinista, Roli Rho, Melo D just to name a few in 95,

he was crowned the 1996 DMC USA Champion and went off to represent the USA in the world finals in Italy.


His routine was arguably one of the best that night with shock and innovation. He ranked Top 6 in the world. GM Roc Raida came in 3rd, DJ Tommy came  in 2nd and DJ Noize of Denmark came in 1st after a major head to head war with Roc Raida. That didn’t stop Swamp…

FYI: He tried cutting himself on the DMC stage lol!

Watch the DMC model in the background at the end of his set lol!


Swamp went on and DJ’ed with the rock group Beck. After winning the 1996 US DMC Championships, Swamp found himself still driving a street sweeper for a living in Ohio. He was making calls looking for gigs and a chance to break into the music scene full time when he heard Beck was going to be in town. He formulated a plan to pose as a reporter and slip in a demo of him mixing and scratching Beck’s tracks. He waited for Beck all day but never got to meet him. He did however give his demo tape to Beck’s publicist. A few weeks later Beck called Swamp and he joined the tour as Beck’s DJ. The two toured together for four years.


DJ Swamp has appeared on songs by The Crystal Method, Katy Perry, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Ben Folds, Belinda, Beck, Oblivion Dust, Kid Rock, Hanson, The Bloodhound Gang, Morcheeba, The Dandy Warhols, R.L. Burnside, Faithless, OPM, DEVO, Save Ferris, Say Anything, Dust Brothers, Kool Keith, Sticky Fingaz, Better than Ezra and Vanilla Ice.

Swamp’s television appearances: ABC In Concert, The Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Jools Holland, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Much Music, Farmclub.com, MTV Awards, TFI Friday, ESPN’s Summer X Games 2000, ESPN /ABC Winter X Games 2001, and Top of the Pops.
He has been featured in Rolling Stone, Spin, Subculture, Ray Gun, Mean[disambiguation needed ], DJ Times, Keyboard, Mixer, The LA Times, and URB.

He is also the creator of the never ending breaks which was one of the first needle drop records with guitar keys to create different flows and battle tool ideas. For example, DJ Develop of the Allies used his Battle Record to win the 1998 ITS USA Beat Juggling Championship which he took the Worlds that year too (The madness starts at 1:10 of the youtube clip) and DJ Kentaro who became the first ever DMC World Champion from Asia & Japanese decent (excluding Mixmaster Mike & Q-Bert since they represented the USA).The madness on the Kentaro youtube clip starts at 3:16.

You probably remember this world famous Viral DJ commercial by DJ Kentaro for a Japanese product which features DJ Swamp’s Break Record.


This is his discography of his battle records that brought Turntablism in a new light using loop juggle records.

Swamp Breaks DJ Battle Tool (2×12″) Decadent Records 1998
The Skip-Proof Scratch Tool Volume 1 (2×12″) Decadent Records 1998
Waxcraft (2×12″) Decadent Records 1998
The Neverending Breakbeats (2×12″) Decadent Records 1999
Never Is Now ? (2 versions) Lakeshore Records 2001
Scratch Tools On CD (CDr) Decadent Records 2005
Skip-Proof Scratch Tool Volume 5 (2×12″) Decadent Records 2005
Never Ending Drum & Bass Loops Vol. 2 (2×12″) Decadent Records 2006
Feed The Hands That Bite You/Challenger Incident (12″)Universal Mastering Studios
Infinite House Loops Vol. 1 (2×12″) Decadent Records
Never Ending Drum & Bass Loops Vol. 1 (2×12″) Decadent Records
The Neverending Breakbeats Volume II (2xLP) Decadent Records
The Neverending Breakbeats Volume III (2xLP) Decadent Records
The Neverending Breakbeats Volume IV (2xLP) Decadent Records
The Skip-Proof Battle Tool Volume 2 (2×12″) Decadent Records
The Skip-Proof Scratch Tool Volume 3 (2×12″) Decadent Records
The Skip-Proof Scratch Tool Volume 4 (2×12″) Decadent Records
Tons Of Tones (12″) Decadent Records
Vinyl Disciple (LP) Decadent Records 2011

You can catch him on tour worldwide lighting himself on fire, rapping, destroying CDJ’s (literally), elevating vinyl and rocking out like a true rock star.




and creating 3D Music Videos!


You can catch his tours & more of his videos at www.djswamp.com.

Never underestimate the beast.