Posted November 6, 2012 by Global Vito in Style and Fashion

UndrCrwn Gotta Be Barack Tee

Super Election Tuesday!! Welcome to the day that will change your life now and for many years to come! Today is dedicated to making a choice! Whether you realize this or not your vote today will be one of the most important votes that you will ever make in your life! What happens today will set the stage for which direction not only the country goes, but the world as well! While I am proudly a supporter of President Obama, my goal is not to sway your vote but to urge you to vote! It is your right and DUTY to let your voice be heard! Don’t sit on the sideline complaining! Instead get in the game and participate! This includes helping others exercise their right as well! Voter Suppression is real, so if you can help someone elderly, disabled, those with no transportation, or anyone that needs help getting to the polls, then please do so! Similar to this election, in life the direction you wind up going is usually in direct proportion to the decisions you make! Anything you want to change about your life, you simply have to make the decision to do so! Never give up your power to change by doing nothing! No mater how difficulty it may be you ALWAYS have a choice! Use your power and choose wisely!!

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