Posted November 1, 2012 by Global Vito in Music


Controversial..Repulsive..Offensive… or just down right brilliant ? New York rapper, AC, is at it again. The self proclaimed “Marketing Genius” has announced his new album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” exclusively produced by beatsmith C4 Sinistah will be released digitally on Halloween, October 31st.
With projects under his belt like “Attack of the Blogs” and “911 in Retrospect” AC has never been off with his timing and this go around is no different. Be prepared..this album is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

While taking the thrill ride through this Hip-hop haunted house you will encounter songs such as “I Killed the Future President.” A joint that digs deep into your soul and visits the unsettling topic of Pro life vs. Pro choice. Turn the corner and hear the horror story entitled “Surrender.” A tale that hits on a VERY “touchy” subject. This full length has banger after banger. The Melodic hook on “Still Breathing” will have you hitting repeat and feeling liberated. A timeless record entitled “Can You Imagine” featuring R&B sensation Uness asks the age old question “What if?” Don’t forget about boom bap filled “You Don’t Even Know” and the very creative “When I Do” sampling the very famous “Most Interesting Man In the World.” Oh.. and “Theater of the mind”…..I’ll say it again “Theater of the mind”. Just LISTEN TO IT.

Courtesy of a Nightmare takes you through every emotion humanly possible. C4 Sinistah provides the soundtrack, and AC is the screen writer in this classic Halloween thriller. The lyrics are tough, the beats knock and the concepts expand the cerebellum.

So break the seal, Put the headphones on and close your eyes. Don’t get scared now.