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Street Dreams [Video]

When The Gleaming Cube (no stunt doubles), The Karate Kid, Juice the Movie & Competitive Skateboarding comes together….we get Street Dreams written by Rob Dyrdek.

“Derrick Cabrera (Paul Rodriguez Jr.), the archetypal young skateboarder in first-time director Chris Zamoscianyk’s ‘Street Dreams,’ is under fire from his dad for failing at school, his white-bread girlfriend Samantha (Jordan Valacich) thinks he’s a loser, and Troy (Rob Dyrdek), one of his best friends, jealous of his talent, is turning into his worst enemy. When he gets arrested for cutting the knobs off the university rail so he and his pals can skate it, he and his father have a big fight and he leaves town.

But it’s to go to the open-to-all Tampa Am contest with the buddies. And there, the inevitable happens: he outperforms his rival Troy, gets pro sponsorship, and acquires a much cooler girlfriend, Taylor (C.C. Sheffield), the older sister of Eric Jones (Ryan Sheckler), the top competitor, who becomes his strongest ally. Troy is eliminated early because his routines have been so tame. Eric Jones’ performances are flawless and Derrick keeps making mistakes, but Derrick wins admiration and points because every trick he performs is risky and stylish, and he fails during the competition to compete an inventive and challenging new trick involving a 360ยบ board spin on a rail and landing……………………………..”

The Soundtrack for this movie is onpoint! Everyone from Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D.) to Nas….

Rest in Peace Ryan Dunn who kills it as the glue who holds the crew together in this movie.

Source and List of Allstar Cast : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0838241/fullcredits#cast


We can all relate to this one way or another… The character that Rob Dyrdek was a total dick, very reminiscent of Bishop (2Pac) in Juice. He can act his ass off!

Dope Movie!