Posted October 29, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Knicks prepare for Hurricane Sandy!

“I don’t take nothing for granted. I’m scared of Sandy,” Carmelo Anthony said after Sunday’s Knicks practice at Madison Square Garden. “Just the thought of New York having a hurricane, that doesn’t even sound right. Me personally, I’m not playing with this weather; I’m not one to play with Mother Nature and I’m scared of Sandy.”

“We just hope that it’s not as bad as they’re saying,” the veteran point guard (Jason Kidd) said. “Coach said no matter we’re having practice tomorrow. If you have to swim to get there you have to get there. You just hope everybody’s safe and we’re not without electricity for a long time.”

“I still want to practice regardelss of what the weather looks like,” Knicks’ coach Woodson said, though the coach will clearly err on the side of caution if the weather prohibits travel. “My concern is with guys that are in the city, making sure they give themselves enough time to get up … to practice. So hopefully it won’t be that bad.” – espn

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Melo and the NY Knicks brace down for Hurricane Sandy, as it prepares to enter NYC! Mass transit, the stock exchange, and just about everything is shut down in the city on Monday (today) in preparation of 7-12 foot tidal waves, and of course a strong potentional for flooding! If the subways get a taste of the salty sea water it could lend to corrosion of the third rail. Check out what Melo and some of the Knicks have to say about Hurricane Sandy!