Posted October 27, 2012 by DJ Fatfingaz in Music

OMG: Shoenice Drinks a Bottle of Ciroc in 30 Seconds. [Video]

The Youtube sensation Shoenice is known to eat and drink the craziest things from eating deodorant like a victory champ to eating styrofoam (sober, mind you..) chugs a whole bottle of Vodka Ciroc. This guy is crazy. Just drinking a shot of this burns at times, but a whole bottle? I could imagine what his Liver is saying, a whole lot of profanities.

Enjoy the madness, and its not even his birthday. Ladies and Gentlemen who are fans and first time viewers of ThatsEnuff.com, please drink responsibly and do not attempt anything he is doing on his Youtube Channel. Enjoy the entertainment.

Oh my stomach….