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Pump Up the Volume Documentary – The History of House Music

This is a must watch documentary!

“If people can dance together, they can live together.”

Pump Up the Volume tells the story of the social and cultural explosion that was House. From its roots in Chicago, where it rose from the ashes of Disco, House music became the soundtrack to every fashion show, after–show party, premiere, and club opening around the world. Today, House is used by leading mainstream music stars, from Madonna to U2, to break into new markets and to update their sound. In fact, House has influenced more artists than any style since rock ‘n’ roll. Pump Up the Volume follows the story from Chicago and New York to Britain, interviewing key players on both sides of the Atlantic. It also considers the social impact of House—a sound that has transcended class, race, and cultural boundaries to become the soundtrack of modern popular culture.” –


“Few movements in music have gained as much critical mass as house music. Pump Up The Volume: A History of House Music is a fantastic 2001 documentary about one of the biggest music groundswells in history, which began in basements and ended up at the forefront of pop culture…….the film traces house music from its early days as New York disco to its engulfing takeover of Europe’s dance scene through fascinating interviews with the people who propelled the movement and rare footage of the clubs where it came of age.” – Words from the Publisher

“We started Occupy the Disco with a very clear goal in mind: we want to make house music relevant again in the gay community in New York. Because house music was originated in gay clubs in NYC back in the late 70s, helped change the lives of millions around the world and re-shaped pop culture. Because nowadays, most gay people in NYC are unaware of how rich the history behind house music is. And for that matter, they are not able to fully enjoy it.

Because we believe understanding the past is the best way to create the future, we encourage everyone to learn a bit more about our history.

In 2001, BBC released a 3-part TV series called ‘Pump Up The Volume’ about the history of house music. It is an exciting film, featuring some of the most important figures of the early ages of electronic music and songs that still influence many artists these days. Ever wondered where the name “house music” comes from? Who first came up with the idea of adding electronic beats to a disco tune? And why did they do it? Well, wonder no more.” –

This documentary was released in 2001 by the BBC.

– DJ Fatfingaz