Posted October 18, 2012 by Global Vito in New Artist Spot Light

New Artist Spot Light: kNERO- ‘EPK’ [Video]

Artist turn actor of the new era kNERO is definitely the ground-breaking artist commencement of today’s oscillating. With his unparagoned sound and skills of Hip Hop, Pop, Rap Alternative. kNERO is the stock to healing the minds and hearts of every listener with his music and also has plans to sway the entertainment cosmos.

kNERO, the Liberian/ Brooklyn rapper/songwriter/producers.
Directed by kNERO.

He has a style like no other with the a captivating voice a of the future. Song writer / producer /recording artist born in West Africa, Liberia. Swag like Kanye and a Bop like Jay-Z. Raised In Brooklyn, New York where he started rhyming at the age of 9 he would practice rhyming for fun with his brother and friends in their hallways. kNERO’s electric talent is far from the rest of the artists in the music industry. “Better Than Most Major Artist I’ve Worked With, He comes with creativity, Not the Same Lame Stuff” – Jordan Towers