Posted October 17, 2012 by Chelle B in Style and Fashion

Solange Knowles Covers 2012 Issue of ELLE South Africa [PHOTOS]

Photographed by Justin Polkey and styled by ELLE fashion editor Asanda Sizani, Solange graced the cover of ELLE South Africa wearing a sleeveless satin top by Tart, high-waisted shorts by Loin Cloth & Ashes and two wrists full of extra large rope bracelets by Pichulik. In the issue, deeming Solange “Fashion’s New It-Girl,” she addresses her up coming album, her son, Julez, baby Blue Ivy, and more.

On developing a signature sound for her upcoming album:
“In my journey through motherhood, I looked back on the music my mother played for me as I was growing up. I think, on some level, I was craving the familiarity and it was reflected in the musical choices I was making for the new record. I started writing this album when Julez [her son] was about three years old. He’s eight now, so this has been a long time coming.”

On raising her son Julez:

“I structure the majority of my work around Julez and his schedule. I don’t want to miss anything. The soccer games, the PTA meetings; I make sure I’m there for all of it. I don’t have a nanny, so I am incredibly lucky to have had a strong support system since he was born.”

On Julez’s relationship with her sister Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy:

“Oh, he absolutely adores her. He is so protective of her and we have the most incredible pictures of the two of them asleep together. The first time he held her, he just sat there with this huge smile on his face. Because we all travel together and spend so much time together, I think they’ll grow up more like siblings than cousins.”