Posted October 17, 2012 by BlueMagic in News

NBA Cut Back Pre-Game Ritual [Video]

Almost every NBA team have pre game rituals/routines they do before a game. Some memorable ones are Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields bible reading routine or Lebron James chalk in the air. Now the NBA is looking to cut back on that to start the game sooner. Check out the story courtesy of ESPN.

“The NBA is taking steps to cut down on pregame handshakes and rituals that have become popular with players in recent years. Starting this season, as soon as player introductions are finished, there will be 90 seconds put on the game clock, and teams will be expected to be ready for tipoff after that time. The guideline will eliminate or severely cut down on the routines that players from most teams go through before games, which often include a series of handshakes with their own teammates before greeting opponents. It also could legislate out individual rituals like LeBron James’ famous chalk toss, which he abandoned last season during the playoffs, though James said he’ll try to get it done in the limited time. Over the years, as the elaborate handshakes and other routines have become extended — for example, Shaquille O’Neal famously created teamwide skits acted out before Phoenix Suns games three seasons ago — games have routinely taken five minutes or longer to begin after the starting lineups were announced. The NBA is attempting to speed up the start of games. Players have been advised of the initiative during the annual meetings with referees in the preseason as part of the league’s “points of emphasis.” “There’s a 90-second countdown, it is placed on the clock,” NBA spokesman Tim Frank said. “At 30 seconds, there’s a warning horn and alert by the refs. At the end, teams need to be ready to tip off or face a delay-of-game warning.” Two delay-of-game warnings would result in a technical foul. Players around the league are already reacting negatively to the new policy.”

Kevin Durant says “I personally don’t like it. Every player in this league has routines they do with their teammates, rituals they do before the game and before they walk on the floor. The fans enjoy it.”

Dwayne Wade also chimed in. “I’ll have to take something away for sure. I’m always going to make sure I show love to the fans. “There’s so many rules, I can’t keep up. … There’s no reason to make a big stink. It’s their league, it’s their rules.”


Here are some video’s of NBA Teams routines/rituals.