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Happy Birthday Heavy Hitter DJ Lonnie B & Some Facts [Video]

Happy Birthday DJ Lonnie B of The Heavy Hitters!



















I just realized that my HH Brotha was on the Aaliyah remix of Are You That Somebody!!

He’s on the last verse right after Mad Skillz:

People think it’s all about kickin bars
Gimmie your mind and let it get lost in the sauce
I be hittin y’all off yall lost
My clique will never fall off, niggy naw, naw
We done did it all, got people licking the ballz
Chicks kicking the drawers, getting bent in the Boss
My flow is so much quicker than yours
My joint is so much bigger than yours
The print in my drawers, think what I’m kicking is false?
I’ll rap buck-bald in floss, show my balls and all
And do the Huck-a-Buck until you momma call the law
She better call em off
Cause I got shot guns and I sawed ’em off
And my nine nickle-plated in the car with Marc
My crew got Juice like Marley Marl
This hot eff y’all remarks, wiggy what?


Pretty crazy and with no bias…this remix was one of the most official remixes that came out and made it to Radio Air Play. This Remix had the rappers, Danja Mouf & Mad Skillz (who is currently DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Hype Man/ Artist).

For more info on Lonnie B, visit his site

– DJ Fatfingaz