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Documentary- Once upon a Time in New York: The Birth of Hip Hop, Disco and Punk [Video]

Everyone should be educated to know where things came from. Without no start, there is no beginning and there is no end. Here in this documentary done by the good people of BBC / British Broadcast Corporation, we see and view the very beginnings of Hip-Hop, Disco & Punk which leads us to today in what we are. This goes beyond Beat Street, Wild Style & etc, this is the truth and true beginnings. I will be posting more important documentaries of nightlife and the raw of NYC, the World and genres beyond Hip-Hop.


“How the squalid streets of ’70s New York gave birth to music that would go on to conquer the world – punk, disco and hip hop.

In the 1970s the Big Apple was rotten to the core, yet out of the grime, grit and low rent space emerged new music unlike anything that had gone before.

Inspired by the Velvet Underground, a new wave of ‘punk’ rock emerged in lower Manhattan including The New York Dolls, The Ramones and the Patti Smith Group. Meanwhile, downtown loft parties held by gay New Yorkers heralded the birth of disco, which would eventually spawn the ultimate club for the privileged few: Studio 54. The swanky mid-town discos were out of bounds to black New York so in the Bronx DJs such as Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa created their own parties, heralding the birth of hip hop.

With David Johansen, Patti Smith, John Cale, Richard Hell, Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Nile Rodgers, Chuck D, Tommy Ramone, Chris Stein, Fab 5. Freddy, Lenny Kaye, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz, Syl Sylvain, Nicky Siano, David Mancuso, DJ AJ, David Depino, Jayne County, Leee Childers, Nelson George, Victor Bokris and Vince Aletti.” – Source

Open up your mind and rock out to this……enjoy.

“…not just playing records but creating atmosphere…”

Thank you Fab 5 Freddy for bridging the gap….now we know why you were the face of Yo MTV Raps.

– DJ Fatfingaz