Posted October 10, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Knicks’ J.R. Smith Hits Highs and Lows

“I think disappointed is an understatement,” J.R. said of Mike Woodson’s remarks that he likes him off the bench. “My whole process of getting better this summer and everything I went through was to be in that starting role. It was great to be able to have put all that work in and understand what I can do and my body can withhold without starting. I think it just makes our bench even stronger.” – nypost

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Knicks’ J.R. Smith has hit some highs and lows lately! He recently did a part in a music video for Sean Paul featuring Kelly Rowland “How Deep Is Your Love”! Immediately after that though, he hit rock bottom when he found out his brother, Chris Smith, messed up his knee, and will be out for 3-5 months. Chris Smith is a combo guard undrafted out of Louisville who showed a lot of upside (on defense)! J.R. was excited to play next to him for the Knicks! J.R. Smith stayed on the Knicks (for a lesser money contract) contingent upon his brother making the squad. Also, J.R. is upset that he put in so much work over the summer to be on the starting squad, and the Knicks’ coach Mike Woodson recently remarked that he would be the Sixth Man (coming off the bench)! Check out J.R. Smith’s quote above, and the ‘fresh off the shelves’ official music video below!