Posted October 4, 2012 by BlueMagic in HOT 97

Hot97 Who’s Next featuring Rapsody [Photo] [Video]

Hot97 held they “Who’s Next” event at SOBs last with a great turn out. It featured up and coming artist’s Josh Baze, Peter Rose, Kris Kasanova and Rapsody w/ 9th Wonder. The whole show was hosted by Peter Rosenberg and DJ’d by DJ Juanyto. The vibe of the whole event was awesome with each talent. Peter Rose bought the R&B side of the show with some awesome back up dancers. He show came to a complete circle with singing and dancing talent.

Josh Baze did some great songs that was accompanied by a 18 year old DJ. His energy bought the show to another level until Kris Kasanova stepped on the show. Kasanova came through with Jarv Dee to perform some of his songs including “Pictures Me Rollin”. Look out for those two, they on stage presences is so dope. You can download Kris Kasanova “War Paint” Now.

Rapsody came up next with 9th Wonder to not only steal the stage but command the crowd. She came out to perform some of her best songs and the crowd was right there with here word for word. You can feel the emotions in all her song, even when she began to tear up during performing the song of her life. I caught a few of her performances on video, you can check it out at the bottom as well as photos.

Shoutout to all those that performed at the Hot97 “Who’s Next” they all did a great job. Also shoutout to Hot97’s own DJ Juanyto, Peter Rosenberg, and Karlie Hustle for putting together a great show.