Posted October 3, 2012 by BlueMagic in News

Chris Brown and Rihanna Showing Public Affection?

Will these two just get back already?? Apparently Chris Brown and Rihanna was spotted in a club Monday night/Tuesday morning a little too friendly. Story goes Chris happened to show up at party Rihanna was also attending in the city, been happening alot lately, and walked over to Rihanna. The two supposedly got comfortable and was seen dancing together on the dance floor with kisses here and there. There’s rumors the two disappeared into the bathroom for 20 mins and came back out. Chris Brown song was then played and he supposedly ripped his shirt off and danced on Rihanna. These two are loose out here. BUT WAIT! Doesn’t Chris Brown have a girlfriend that Rihanna isn’t very fond of? Karrueche and Chris been going at it a lot lately and Tuesday morning she took to twitter about this alleged story. She was not happy at all. Check the tweets below and leave your comments on what you think.