Posted October 2, 2012 by Global Vito in Media

Sullee J ‘Voice Of The People’ [Video]

“Money, power, sex got everybody brain washed I fight against hatred fighting for the o-pressed everybody hating it nobody want to no-tice blind eyed fools society is broken
evil is a lifestyle piety is ghosted”…
This is the definition of what Sullee J does. This is the epitome of who he is. Check it out.

This is Sullee J, and what Justice means. “Voice of The People” speaks on the various issues of society today, and was made to help enlighten the ears of the listener. The sad reality is that many people, especially children today, are without healthy living conditions. These are tough issues that society seems to ignore. At times, we might not feel like we have much, but we have enough to get by. Everybody needs help, especially the helpless! The idea behind Saint Christopher Children’s Home is to assist in the provision of a building to house neglected children. These children are mainly abuse victims, neglected or abandoned children, orphans, or those placed there by court order. I told you I will better this world, whether you believe it or not. He will continue to pursue his dreams and work hard toward generating an interest in doing good whether you agree or not. He believe’s in living to make others smile.