Posted October 2, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Music

Miguel – ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ Album Review

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better then ‘Adorn’ it can…and it does! Two years ago when I saw Miguel at Madison Square Garden opening for Usher, it seemed like he didn’t understand himself as an artist yet. The styling was off, the music wasn’t up to par and you can tell he still needed more developing as an artist. (Did I mention he was also falling everywhere!) Fast forward two years later listening to this Kaleidoscope Dream album you can hear a lot of growth has occured. Listening to this album, one thing you definitely hear is a lot of influence from Prince and not so much Frank Ocean. To many times when a new R&B artist comes out we like to compare, but I think its official that Miguel has made a lane for himself. With a single feature from Alicia Keys on ‘Where’s The Fun In Forever ‘, The RCA records singer sings his heart out through out the entire album. Looks like Miguel is going to be around for a while so get use to him folks. Here’s one of my favorites off the album ‘Arch & Point’
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