Posted September 26, 2012 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Tameka Foster Raymond Tells Her Side! [Video]

( Picture courtesy of Straight From the A)

Tameka Foster Raymond is telling her side of the story on an interview with Entertainment Tonight! She speaks on Usher having primary custody, his cheating, and accusations on being a gold-digger. She even speaks on the heartbreaking recent loss of her son in a jet skiing accident. During Usher’s interview with Oprah, he admits to sleeping with one of her bridesmaids. Tameka actually sympathizes with her friend. Shocking!

She says, “He admitted to sleeping with one of the two. It was a very disappointing revelation. I had suspected it for some time,” Tameka also says, ” I hate to say it, but I somewhat empathize with her….… She fell into somewhat of a trap.”