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Remember this New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers Game!? Bad Karma or just a really Bad Call…

Rememeber this day?

Sunday Decemeber 4th, 2011 / Week 13 of the 2011 NFL Season

I remember this game like it was yesterday! A great Sunday Night where I was draped in Giants gear from head to toe, cheering and getting crazy infront of the TV while DJ’ing at Dyckman Bar’s #FOOTBALLFUNDAYS w/ C.M. L-Boogs amongst the cheering packed house full of fans, the millions of Giants Fans infront of their TV set and the thousands at the Game; then The Giants Nation witnesses this play….

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I swear to my hands, my turntables & my record Collection we got the TD…..

But we didn’t….even after this happened….

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Giants fans had to swallow this defeat the following day making front page news….

This picture has gone viral amongst Giants Fans worldwide only 2 days in the mist of the greatly controversial Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks game that was wrongly ref’ed by Referees who were hired by the NFL from the Lingerie Football League and  Arena Football League. Oh yeah, rumor has it that alot are former and fired Referees who had made bad calls while working for the leagues. ( I will follow up in the days to come.)

Should The Giants Nation feel bad after Mondays game or should we chuckle and dance like Diddy and say “take that, take that…”?

I honestly think we should be very careful during these days of the replacement Ref’s, you know what they say when you make fun of others….it will come back to haunt you in the long run.

Giants Nation, lets us pray we don’t get caught up in anything ugly like this during the season.

Go Big Blue.

– DJ Fatfingaz