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ATTN RECORD COLLECTORS!! Spin Clean MKII Record Washing System – Deluxe Limited Edition Clear
















This is the limited edition clear deluxe version that includes an extra bottle of washer fluid (32oz!) and extra drying cloths. The Spin Clean Record Washing System offers an alternative to the conventional brush method of cleaning your vinyl. The unique Spin Clean system allows you to clean both sides of your record at the same time using a special tank unit with attached record brush rollers that scrub the record clean in a bath of washer fluid. This washer fluid is created from a special formula that encapsulates the dirt and keeps it suspended in the system instead of evaporating or redepositing it back on to your valuable record. Once the record has been thoroughly cleaned simply remove it from the tank, place it on a flat surface and wipe dry with the drying cloth. A simple and very effective way to keep your vinyl collection in tip top shape. Comes with enough fluid to wash 6000+ records, and seven lint free drying cloths. The system itself contains the 2x dual brush sets and a pair of adjustable rollers (33-45-78) plus a set of directions on the inside of the lid.


  • clean both sides of the record at the same time
  • unique “bath type” cleaning system
  • cleans up to 6000+ records!


  • Record Washer and Lid
  • 4 ounce bottle of Washer Fluid
  • 32 ounce bottle of Washer Fluid
  • 2 pair of Washer Brushes MKII
  • 1 pair of Washer Rollers MKII
  • 7 Washable Drying Cloths and instructions

lab price: $149.00

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***DROOL!! Get your records out from storage or from your Momma’s house and have fun again!!!***

– DJ Fatfingaz