Posted September 25, 2012 by Global Vito in Media

BTS: Par-City ‘Bad’ [Video]

[Video] Par-city’s Behind the Scenes of “Bad” featuring YOung WIT Directed by Kristian Kruz
Produced by Epik The Dawn…

Par-City’s “Bad” is the perfect song to close out the summer. “I’ve played this track numerous times in the clubs and the response is craaaazy,” said DJ O. Minaya. The video features My Sexy friend Kathy Red of StrawberryBlunt and Tanyka Renee of MTV’s Lingerie Football league and more, But damn why wasn’t I invited? maybe the next go around andy way check out the video, and let me know what you think. Follow them on twitter @GiFtheGreat @WillyDope @iamYoungWit

DIRTY – Par-City BAD

CLEAN – Par-City BAD