Posted September 19, 2012 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Jay-Z & Beyoncé Raise $4 Million Dollars at Obama Fundraiser

Beyoncé and Jay-z has stepped up to this week in efforts to raise money for Obama’s Fundraiser. Last night, the power couple hosted the fundraiser at Jay-Z’s 40/40 and raised $4 million dollars. One hundred VIP guest donated $40,000 to attend this event.

The beautiful R&B singer introduced our President by saying “I can’t tell you how proud we are to host tonight’s event with President Obama.” The power couple has supported Obama since 2008, Beyoncé even sung at the 2009 inauguration. Although President Obama attended the event solo, he mentioned that his wife and daughters were disappointed that they were not able to attend. The President thanked his hosts and said, “Beyoncé couldn’t be a better role model for our daughters because she carries herself with such class and poise and has so much talent.”

He even joked around with his hosts by saying, “Jay knows what my life is like, we both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are.” You can see the admiration that both couples have for one another!