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Evelyn Lozada Opens UP to Iyanla Vanzant About Domestic Abuse Before Wedding! [Video]


Iyanla Vanzant sits with Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada during her show “Fix My Life” to help and guide Evelyn in making positive changes in her life. The first interview was three weeks after Chad and Evelyn’s marriage on July 4th 2012. During the interview, Iyanla asked the reality star, “Who are you?” Iyanla questioned her actions on Basketball Wives and wanted to know why she behaved that way. Iyanla told Evelyn that she was rewarded for being out of order and asked, what is it going to cost her to be the truth of who she is. DEEP!! Towards the end of the interview, Iyanla warns Eve about her marriage. She told the reality star, “Evelyn you are in trouble girl!” Check out the first interview:


Iyanla, Fix My Life | Evelyn Lozada (PART 1)… by Ashley_Miller_3


After the domestic dispute, Iyanla Vanzant returned for a follow up interview and asked the star the same questions we’ve been asking ourselves the WHOLE entire time. Why was she upset? When she told him to buy condoms? On the show Basketball Wives, when Chad and Eve spoke on cheating, the reality star told him to USE condoms. Evelyn admits to seeing signs in her marriage, however she overlooked them. As the interview continues, Iyanla asked, “What’s the truth that you didn’t tell about you?” She then asked “Is it accurate to say that, that was not the first time your husband behaved inappropriately with you?” And Evelyn says, “Yes it’s accurate.” This interview shows a side of Evelyn that we have never seen before. It’s very obvious that the reality star wants to change her life for the better. See more of the second interview below:


Iyanla, Fix My Life | Evelyn Lozada (Part 2)… by Ashley_Miller_3

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