Posted September 17, 2012 by Global Vito in Music

ThatsEnuff SpotLite Dominic Lord Fashion Show EP

Dominic Lord is the Harlem rapper/producer/fashionista I’ve been talking about. The kid is wildly talented and he’s got these unique, introspective lyrics/delivery and a hand in the production AND amazing style- basically formed his whole aesthetic.

Dominic Lord Fashion Show EP

1. Fashion Show (Prod. Dominic Lord & Madd Matt)
2. Wrong For Right (Prod. Dominic Lord & Madd Matt)
3. The Glass Fight Interlude (Prod. Dominic Lord & Chad Hugo)
4. Message Failure (Prod. Dominic Lord & Madd Matt)
5. Pierce (Prod. Hudson Mohawke)
6. Mozart, Go (Prod. Dominic Lord & Rico Beats)
7. Colour Me Red (Prod. Dominic Lord & Madd Matt)
8. Pierce Remix feat. Pusha T (Prod. Dominic Lord & Hudson Mohawke)