Posted September 17, 2012 by DJ Quiz in Media

Derek Wise “The Prolog” [VIDEO]

The track ‘Prolog’ is a public service announcement and Derek Wise’s formal introduction; brought to life by an abundant bass line, the use of dulcet horns and vulgar instrumentation. Vacay (Derek Wise’s fothcoming free album), is a series of firsts for Derek Wise and his conglomerate, W1SE GUYS.

It traces the transition of lost boys into made men. Derek Wise forthcoming free album, Vacay is a combination of electronic music, classic hip-hop with a new sound that showcases Wise’s clever wordplay and witty lyrics that displays he can hold his own with greats like his only feature on the album, Neako on “No Mileage”. Vacay is scheduled to drop in the next month and is a crowning balance of experience, tunnel vision, and raw talent.