Posted September 14, 2012 by DJ Quiz in Music

Mixtape: Nakim ‘YNWA + $’

In Black leather, black chucks, and no bling. His look is an understatement, but his presence and music couldn’t be more of a contradiction to that and what has become the status quo. Hailing from Harlem, NY, Nakim is here to bring ‘Gospel Trap’ to the masses. He states, “I need niggas that believe me, I don’t need fans” as he tells his vivid stories of his upcoming in the streets of today. Leading the way with a FUK EM state of mind he plans on taking his YHC (Young Hot Club) movement to the core of all youth, letting them know to never let anyone come in the way of your HOT. This summer he’ll be releasing “YNWA&$” (Young Niggas Wit Attitude & Money) as a testament to what the youth culture of today is. “You can’t really tell me nothing, I’m self made, self paid….HAUNNNH”

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