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50 Cent Talks New Career and Life with DJ Enuff and Angie Martinez

Rapper, Entrepreneur, Investor, Boxing Promoter, Record Producer, Actor … The list is endless when speaking of G-Unit general 50 Cent. Promoting his new album, Street King Immortal, due out November 13th he sat down with Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff to discuss his new single, the unexpected loss of Chris Lighty, clearing the air with Oprah Winfrey, and much more!

Get Highlights and the full interview below:

His “New Day” Single

“When it first came out it was Alicia’s…I had the record for like four months, original the record was recorded for Detox. Its my record, but it’s a different version”

Dealing With The Loss Of Chris Lighty

“I’ve worked with Chris the entire time..Its a huge adjustment. I honestly cant rap my head around the idea him shooting himself, you know, I don’t have all of the information so I don’t have a point to say anything either than whats being said publicly, but I don’t believe that. Just because my personal interactions with him, (he) never gave an indication that that was possible..”none of it made any since to me. All of the unanswered questions.. I try not to think about it. I try to move forward, For me I’ve developed an uh..(anger)”

Whats Going To Happen To Violator

“That’s over. Well to me, that’s over, there’s nobody to (take that over)..”

His Big Interview with Oprah

“At that point it was like, I did it!! Its one of those moments that I remember as an accomplishment on my behalf because there was no compromise to get there”

His First Fight

“I wanna fight in New York first. What would really be cool is to merge the hip hop culture”

Speaking with Chief Keef

“I was telling him to be careful, and to kinda be aware of people that are starting to come jealous of that energy”

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