Posted September 12, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Electronics & Gadgets

D-Will does ‘NBA: Baller Beats’ Cover

“If they’re the right opportunity, and I thought this was the right opportunity,” Williams said. “I really enjoy playing the game, I’m gonna enjoy playing the game.

“Baller Beats is based around dribbling, [doing] different dribbling moves, so it makes sense they’d want to have a point guard on the cover,” Williams said. “Once I learned a little bit about the game, I wanted to see what it was about. I went into the studio, and got a chance to see it and play it a little bit and was really blown away by the game.’’

“Probably not,” Williams told The Post Monday. “There’s not a lot of national opportunities in Utah. There’s definitely some local stuff, some regional stuff,  but not too much national stuff.” – nypost

Brooklyn Nets’ Deron Williams AKA D-Will did the cover for the brand new X-Box 360 Kinect “NBA: Baller Beats” that was released nationwide on Tuesday! He is an advocate/pitchman for the game that actually physically drills your skills and tests your dribble on the court. D-Will is excited for the opportunity, and strongly feels that he couldn’t have done it w/o the move to Brooklyn! D-Will former team, the Utah Jazz, just don’t have the nationwide outsourcing ability like Brooklyn or NY. Check out D-Will quotes above, and more on the game below!

Williams is a logical choice to be the cover athlete for the game, which also features New York native and TNT analyst Kenny Smith. The game, which is for the XBOX Kinect, uses motion capturing to track a player dribbling a basketball and executing different ball-handling skills, including shot and pass fakes. The game presents a challenge for any skill level, as Williams said even he can’t complete its highest difficulty level yet. – nypost