Posted September 4, 2012 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff


Part II of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion continued with the Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline’s notorious love triangle.  Stevie J cleared things up. He stated that Joseline and he were no longer together. Joseline blurts out that she uses Stevie J for sex and money and agrees with Stevie about their current status. Joseline is such a character! She doesn’t plan on getting off Stevie J’s bus either. Executive Producer Mona Scott Young asked Stevie J, to break down the bus analogy, and he claims that both girls are with him because of who he is. He refers to himself as God-like.


( Stevie J’s Infamous Rat Face)

There was an interesting scene with Joseline and her parents that didn’t make the cut. Joseline’s mother seems to have blamed her for the reason why things were the way they were. Joseline then explains the reasons why she is the way that she is. Seems like Stevie J was the only person that was ever there for her.

Second love triangle was with Lil Scrappy, Erica, and Shaye. First of all, WHY did Shaye have on that wig? Any who! Lil Scrappy was very apologetic; he claims that he isn’t a good judge of character when it comes to love. He admits to being an emotional kind of dude. How sweet? Erica and Shaye went at it and Lil Scrappy puts Shaye in her place. Mona even had a few words for Shaye, she told her to sit down and shut up! What was interesting was how Shaye denied knowing about Scrappy and Erica being together. Scrappy apologized to Shaye and told her that he was in love with Erica. Shaye runs off stage. Lil Scrappy then proposes to Erica, he gets on one knee and says, “If it don’t work it’s cool but is you gonna marry a n***a?” Overwhelmed with joy, Erica blurts out Yes! Love was definitely in the air.

Later in the reunion, Benzino confirmed that he and Karlie were done! Karlie tells the audience that the night of the proposal, Benzino had another chick in the house.  Karlie, let’s not forget about your flirtatious ways with ATL rapper Roscoe Dash. The show ended with Rasheeda explaining why she chose love over her career. K. Michelle agrees with Rasheeda and states that love conquers all things.  All in all, the reunion was quite entertaining! We are excited about Love & Hip Hop New York, but it airs January 2013th! Guess we have to wait and see what the cast members are up to…