Posted August 31, 2012 by Global Vito in Global

New Artist Spotlite Quill – ‘Still Dreamin’ [Video]

Last night I was club hopping before I headed to Fire Water [Club]. One club called Wine Up had a Spoken words. Where I bumped into this artist name Quill that I think has potential so I shouted him out on twitter and decided to give him a spotlite here on Let me know what you think.

Mason (Quill) Parker was born in Hartford, CT and raised between Plainfield, NJ and Charlotte, NC. The only child of his parents’ marriage, Quill’s perspective echoes the sentiment of an entire generation. Quill has been performing professionally for large crowds since age 12. Trained by, as he puts it, “God and drive”, he has honed his theater and spoken word poetry roots into what is considered to be one of the most energetic and entertaining hip-hop acts in North Carolina. Influenced by family and the late, great Tupac, very seldom do we find an emcee such as Quill so easy to love, and more importantly, so hard to hate.

Quill transcends the confines of genre, category, or stigma. He has brought spoken word to the most unexpected audiences ranging from nightclubs to car shows, and brought grass roots, “conscious” hip-hop back to the forefront in the southeast. From Florida to Michigan, from churches to colleges, the inner city to the suburbs; Quill’s eccentricity gives him the ability to reach everyone, no matter what their background, and make them see the big picture.

He has opened for artists ranging from Shareefa to Saul Williams to Patti Labelle to political activist such as Al Sharpton. Quill is not just an artist; he is a force affecting everything he comes in contact with. Being determined and purpose driven in a world that promotes mediocrity makes his impact that much more relevant. Quill’s reviving lyrics are conceptualizing thoughts from the inner soul. His message of music speaks truth to shunning ears and gives life to those in distress. Quill encourages audiences to hold fast to dreams as he strives to leave his own legacy in the universe for ages to come.