Posted August 29, 2012 by Marie-D in Movies & TV

Recap: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion: Part 1

The Love and Hip Hop Reunion, was juicy and quite entertaining as we all predicted. The cast sat down with producer, Mona Scott-Young to sort out their differences. Just a few minutes into the show, the ladies were at it! Karlie and K. Michelle exchange a few words because Karlie is in complete denial about her actual age. As Joseline clears the air about her being all woman, she claims that she use to dance for Lil Scrappy back in the day. With no shame in her game, Joseline also talks about being in jail over 20 times and having over a 100 mug shots. Karlie on the other hand, clears up rumors about her daughter, and says she wants to keep her daughter out of the show and her drama. Looks like Karlie would have NEVER done a song with Nicki Minaj because she was NEVER signed to Cash Money to begin with. The reunion then shifted over to Rasheeda and her feelings about K. Michelle’s allegations. Rasheeda claims to have known Latoya and her husband (Memphitz) for years. She does not believe that Memphitz use to abuse the singer. And of course, K. Michelle had a lot to say, she talked about how Rasheeda did not have any respect for her husband Kirk. Lil Scrappy talked about his fight with Stevie, as Erica and Joseline went back and forth. Momma Dee was brought to the stage. Momma Dee claims that the throne has been violated and something has to be done!! And in that ORDER! The Notorious Stevie J was questioned about his relationship with Mimi and it looks like the two is still in fact together.  Joseline had a lot to say to Stevie and from what we saw, looks like Ms. Joseline is running the show! She claims that Stevie needs to get to work, because all she wants is his money. Stevie J dislikes Ariane, because he feels that she is constantly in Mimi’s ear.

We will be tuned in for Love and Hip Hop Reunion: Part 2! Come back next week for a recap if you missed out!