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Kick Game Proper: El Cap Collection [Photo]

Kick Game Proper: El Cap Collection
You have to check out El Cap collection, his collection is dope. The Air Jordan 5 Floral I give 4 stars and would rock when I’m in L.A. or Vegas. The Nike AF1 High Vegas Nights are perfect for Vegas as Well. Check it out let me know what you think.

Eric Lowry is the Michael Bay of the art world; he loves to blow shit up. A 23-year-young Detroit sneakerhead and skateboarder, Eric’s passion for art was fueled by his own frustration. He grew tired of the repeated, expected design language that had become the standard of mainstream sneaker brands and believed that people deserved something better. In 2007, with no formal training or art education, Eric grabbed a sketchbook and went to work. New, brighter, bolder; more custom, less basic.
Eric stopped at nothing to create something altogether different. Five years later, “El Cappy” is one of the most respected, recognizable, innovative and prolific sneaker customizers in the game. Coming off a banner year in 2011, El Cappy recently reached a personal milestone, his 100th customization of the Jordan 6 platform. More…